Birdseed Bread and Realizations


Life changes. And because life changes, we are forced to change, to bend, to evolve. My life changed drastically when I got married. It suddenly wasn’t about only looking out for me–it was about “us”.

I remember the first time Ben and I went grocery shopping together…he does too. There we were, in the bread aisle, holding hands and talking about how fun NYC was on NYE. Suddenly Ben picks up a loaf of bread that looked like nothing I ever planned on ingesting…it seriously had bird seed stuck to it. I sort of looked from the bread to him and back again. He proceeded to put it into the cart. I proceeded to throw myself dramatically onto the floor of aisle 3 and screaming and crying, “WHO DID I MARRY!?!”. No, I’m kidding, I didn’t do that. BUT I did panic. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings but I was not eating whatever that was. I did what most girls do when they’re upset–got quiet. He asked me what was wrong. I said what most girls say–“nothing”. He saw right through it, and I eventually told him how now that we are married and sharing bread, I think I should get a say in what type we eat. He tried to keep from laughing at my ridiculousness. He could tell I was partially joking and partially serious as the grave. So there, in aisle 3, we had our first big, husband and wife discussion and decision. We agreed on a wheat bread without a surplus of seeds that both of us could happily eat.

I swear, I won’t ever forget that shopping trip. It was the first time I realized that being married meant looking out for more than just me. If I went by myself, I would have gotten cheap white bread. If Ben went by himself, he would have gotten his birdseed loaf. But because we shared a kitchen, shared breakfast, and shared decisions, we couldn’t just think about ourselves. Ben said he was on autopilot and didn’t think twice, but when he saw tears filling my eyes (KIDDING…mostly) he knew he needed to figure out what was wrong.

Fast forward two years and we have improved our ability to grocery shop together amongst other aspects of our life and marriage.

I’ve started this blog with intentions to hopefully keep up with our life. I want to document our move from NY to WA as well as our new mindset–living minimalistically. In two days, our new home will be delivered: a 5th wheel trailer. We have one acre of land out in WA picked out and in about a month we will move over there with our new, small home.

Life changes. Sometimes we are in charge of the changes and sometimes they just get thrown into our laps. We’ve decided to live in smaller, closer quarters with only items that we need (not want) and that bring us joy. We made that choice and change. This whole lifestyle will be a change, and I couldn’t be more excited to take it on with my birdseed bread eating husband, baby girl, and two pups.


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