Learning from Locals

When we started to really think about living in a camper full time, there were a lot of questions that we had and lots of decisions to be made.

What type of camper do we want? Should we pull it or get it delivered? Bunk house or big living room? How will we do laundry? The list went on and on. But that’s all a story for a different post.

The number one question we had: where will we park it? After looking into our options, we decided we wanted to rent land from someone. i posted on a local online garage sale Facebook page. A few days later, we found a couple that wanted to rent as badly as we needed a place!

As well as sharing their property, they took us out this past Saturday to Crescent Lake in Olympic National Park.

we went on a short hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end of it.

The trees in WA are endlessly tall and equally as gargantuan around.

they are extra knobby because of the moss that engulfs them. I️ think it makes them look cute and cozy.

We crossed over two bridges during the hike and by one stream.

Their son loved throwing rocks into the stream. So stinking cute.

Chesnie mostly loved being carried the entire way.

Crescent lake is a fun, vibrant shade of blue/green. It’s also crazy clear!

We cant wait to take friends and family here when they come to visit. Thanks Ed and Casey for sharing with us ❤️ We are excited for more adventures with y’all.

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