A couple of family members and close friends asked to see the camper. So we decided to take some pictures and show off The Mothership!

She’s 41ft long, 8ft wide (12-14 with slides out), 12ft 9in tall.

It’s a Grand Design reflection 5th wheel with a bunk house (Chesnie room). The bunk house isn’t going to be featured here as it’s the one room that isn’t organized and unboxed yet. Our room still needs some love as well, so those pictures are minimal too. However, our living space is all out of boxes, cleaned, organized, and decorated! So let’s start there… come on in!

When you walk in, the living space is to the left and our bedroom and bathroom are to the right and up 3 stairs and this big beautiful pantry is right in your face.

Our kitchen is pretty spacious (all things considered).

We wanted one with a big fridge and decent amount of cabinets. This model didn’t disappoint!

The stove works great, but the oven is…well it will take some getting used to.

For starters, it’s SO SMALL! We had to get rid of/store a majority of our pans. This was especially hard to accept for me and my love of baking. Only 2 pans that we have fit. 2. Our casserole dish doesn’t fit either. Sad stuff.

As for cooking/baking with it…remember those easy bake ovens? Yea, it’s basically like using one of those. Cooking with a lightbulb. Not literally.

We found a perfect spot for our stockings!

Ben did most of the decorating with guidance from me! He’s the best.

here’s our dining room/living room!

my sister-in-law made this adorable painting for us! We’ve got a sight obsession with jingle bells and candles…

The table benches lift up for storage under. It also can be transformed into a bed.

On the other side of the table are our recliners! Look at these cuties…

And then dada joined the party… and Mowgli.

Across from the recliner is the TV and fireplace.

Here’s the stairway and bathroom!

And a view of the entire living space and stairway.

Our little bathroom. There’s actually 2 in the camper– the other is in Chesnie’s room. It’s currently packed with boxes.

And our bedroom!

We will post more of the bedrooms as they come together! We love our home so far. It’s snuggly, simple, and warm (thanks to hard work by Ben and Pops!! Skirting is amazing).

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